Types of Oral Appliances – Mesa, AZ

Different Options Based on Patients’ Needs

Man sleeping on his side thanks to oral appliances in Mesa

Sleep apnea affects people differently. Although oral appliance therapy might be the ideal solution, determining which type of device is right for a particular person requires time and careful consideration on behalf of our team at GoTo Sleep Center - Mesa. This is why we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all options. Instead, we will evaluate a person’s needs to better identify which oral appliance is right for them. If you would like to learn more about the various types of oral appliances in Mesa that we use, call us to schedule a consultation or review the list below.

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Clear oral appliance

Patients who prefer a smaller, easy-to-use appliance will enjoy a Prosomnus device. Leading the way for oral appliance therapy to become what it is today, this unique solution allows for continuous innovation when it comes to the way it is made and how it is used most effectively. No matter how a person’s bite or teeth might move, the Prosomnus appliance will fit comfortably while allowing the individual to breathe freely at night.


Light pink oral appliance

Individuals who prefer a solution that is designed to last will appreciate the SomnoMed device. Complete with flexible plastic as well as a smooth material that feels good against soft oral tissues, this type of oral appliance helps to prevent snoring, minimize sleep apnea symptoms, and allow for longer-lasting sleep apnea treatment because of its durability.


Person holding set of white oral appliance in their hand

Thin, light, small, and comfortable are just a few of the many characteristics of the Panthera appliance. Highly durable and effective at treating sleep apnea, this type of oral appliance works to move a person’s jaw into the proper position so that the airway remains open while asleep. This is a great option for anyone who has struggled to find success with other oral appliances in the past.


White oral appliance

Requiring little space inside the mouth, a person can wear the Serena oral appliance and expect lasting results. Not only does it allow the doctor to better plan for optimal results by identifying the appropriate jaw position beforehand, but it requires only a few small adjustments to keep oxygen flowing freely at night.