Meet Our Sleep Apnea Team – Mesa, AZ

Devoted to Excellent Service & Quality Patient Care

Three Mesa sleep apnea team members in black dresses sitting in wooden chairs on beach

When arriving at GoTo Sleep Center - Mesa, you will discover that we maintain a clear balance when it comes to work and play. Our team of qualified staff practices optimal professionalism to help patients achieve desired results and deliver much laughter to keep appointments stress-free and easy-going. To learn more about the individuals who will take care of you throughout your visit, read our bios below.

Lesia, Co-Owner/Treatment Coordinator

Lesia in black dress leaning against balcony railing

Previously working as a dental assistant, Lesia serves as co-owner and treatment coordinator and has worked closely with Dr. Layman for nearly two decades. With more than 30 years of experience in dentistry, she enjoys serving in the front office, helping patients to feel properly cared for the moment they arrive. Not to mention, she is the co-founder of GoGoBilling, which is a medical billing company that allowed dentists throughout the U.S. to easily file claims. The company also worked to offer continuing education to interested professionals.

When she’s not in the office, Lesia and her husband Jason spend time with their son Greyson. They also have two pugs that they enjoy, but you’ll also find her gardening, cooking vegan dinners, and arranging flowers.

Angela, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Marketing Officer

Angela with balcony green trees and rock face in background

Equipped with a passion for sleep dentistry, Angela serves as our chief operating officer/chief marketing officer. With more than 20 years of experience in dental sleep medicine, she brings a breadth of clinical skills that range from tomography, lab fabrication, patient care, oral appliance quality control, and the application of the Trios scanner.

Additionally, Angela is skilled in administrative duties, including front office training, practice management, marketing, business development, and seminar lectures.

Although much of her time is spent promoting GoTo Sleep Center - Mesa, she enjoys taking advantage of all Arizona has to offer alongside Bradley and their puppy Colton. She also spends her time baking, fishing, running, hiking, walking, and just being outside and enjoying the sunshine.

Cristy, Administrative Director

Cristy in brown dress with small mountain in background

The moment you arrive at our sleep apnea practice, you will be greeted by Cristy. As a member of our front office staff, she previously served as an office manager for a practice specializing in TMJ treatment. She is also experienced as a sleep apnea coordinator. Now that she has joined our team, you’ll find that she feels right at home helping others enjoy healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Outside the office, Cristy spends much of her time with her husband, taking road trips, lifting weights, shopping, hiking, and swimming.

Ulysio, Scottsdale Front Office Manager

Ulysio in black dress shirt and colorful tie standing on balcony

To ensure that our patients receive the highest quality care, Ulysio serves as our front office manager. With an educational background from Hampton University and the University of Illinois, he is well-versed in medical billing for dentists and office management. When he’s not helping patients receive treatment for their snoring or sleep apnea, he can be found spending most of his time with family and friends.

Monica, Prior Authorizations

Monica in black dress and purple sash standing on balcony in sunglasses

When it comes to sleep apnea treatment, it’s important that skilled experts manage all aspects of medical billing. Fortunately, our GoTo Sleep Center - Mesa has Monica on our team. As an integral part of our staff, she helps to secure prior authorizations. With extensive training in medical billing for dentists, she is pleased to make the treatment process easier for patients and dental professionals. Outside the office, Monica spends time with family and friends and enjoys reminiscing about her time spent in her native Ottawa, Canada.

Nichelle, Clinical Director

Nichelle in black blouse and silver necklaces on balcony

With more than 30 years of experience (20 of which has been spent at our practice), Nichelle is our clinical sleep specialist who goes out of her way to help individuals get the rest they desperately need. Viewing her profession as highly rewarding, she is often found with a bright smile on her face, encouraging and guiding others to remember the goal of treatment.

As a trained dental assistant who completed her education at Orange Coast Community College, she has continued to enroll in various training courses over the years to hone her skills.

When Nichelle is not busy helping patients get restful sleep, she spends her time with her husband of 30 years as well as their daughter Kierly. You’ll also find her camping, hiking, and traveling, as well as participating in a monthly book club with her friends.

Morgan L, Physician Assistant (PA)

morgan l

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Tanya, Billing

Tanya in black dress smiling on balcony

Tanya is part of our billing team and helps patients better understand and move through the financial side of sleep apnea treatment. It wasn’t until she attended Creighton University and Arizona State University and worked in the drag racing and aerospace manufacturing fields that she discovered an interest in dentistry. When she’s not busy helping patients navigate the billing side of treatment, you’ll find her spending time with her children as well as enjoying live music, skiing, practicing yoga, and riding her Harley.

Anitra, Wellness Coordinator

Anitra wearing black dress and standing on balcony

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Jessica, Front Office Specialist

Jessica in gray sleeveless top standing on balcony

Jessica serves as a front office specialist in our Mesa sleep apnea center and brings eight years of experience serving as a medical assistant and allergy technician. Enjoying the tasks and challenges that come her way each day, she appreciates the opportunity to care for patients in the best possible way.

While at home, Jessica and her husband of more than 15 years have four children, a cockatiel, a dog, and four cats. Apart from it being a busy household, she loves being at home but also finds enjoyment in volunteering with different cat rescues.

Morgan, Wellness Coordinator

Mesa sleep apnea team member Morgan

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Debra, Wellness Coordinator

Mesa sleep apnea team member Morgan

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Emilia, Glendale Front Office Manager

Tanya in black dress smiling on balcony

Emilia is always eager to have a conversation and truly engage with our patients, so she’s a joy to talk to whether you’re getting scheduled or asking a question. A graduate of Gateway Community College, she worked with a TMJ specialist before joining our sleep apnea team.

Emilia is kept very busy by her young son, so her weekends often consist of her taking him to soccer. She also likes to shop, get her nails done, garden, and dance! Her long-term goal is to have a farm with a wide variety of animals, plants, and trees that she’ll take care of.

Nickie, Mesa Front Office Manager

Tanya in black dress smiling on balcony

Working in our front office, Nicole admits that every day is different – something she thoroughly enjoys. As a dental assistant who completed her education at Pima Community College, she is skilled in phlebotomy, first aid, and business schooling.

With four children she spends most of her time with, Nicole also enjoys traveling and spending time on the water. You’ll also find her volunteering in the community but plans to go back to school one day.

Cristina, Billing Representative

Tanya in black dress smiling on balcony

As our in-house billing representative, Cristina brings more than a decade of experience in medical billing. Recognizing that this type of treatment can be costly, she serves as an advocate for patients, helping them to get the coverage needed to avoid high out-of-pocket expenses. Married for more than 15 years to her husband Juan, they have a son and a daughter and enjoy traveling to various national landmarks throughout the state.

Callie, Wellness Coordinator

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Jackie, Wellness Coordinator

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Savvannah, Benefits Department

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Hannah, Wellness Coordinator

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