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Dr. Edward T. Sall, MD, DDS, MBA

Glendale Arizona sleep apnea dentist Doctor Edward T. Sall

Dr. Edward Sall graduated from University of Vermont in 1976, with a Bachelors in Zoology and his Dental Degree from Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery in 1980. In 1984, Dr. Sall returned to medical school at SUNY Upstate Medical Center and graduated with a Medical Degree in 1987. He completed his residency at Upstate in Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery and became board certified in 1994.

In 1992, Dr. Sall began private practice in Syracuse, NY as an Otolaryngologist and Dentist with an emphasis on TMD, Orofacial Pain, General Otolaryngology, and the Surgical and Medical Management of Sleep Disorders. In 2000, Dr. Sall earned an MBA from SUNY Binghamton with an emphasis in health care. In 2012, Dr. Sall became board certified in Sleep Medicine.

Currently, Dr. Sall is the CEO of Sleep Center of CNY and has delivered Oral Appliance Therapy for 20 years to over 4000 patients. In June of 2018, Dr. Sall was named the Medical Director of ProSomnus Sleep Technologies with the role of increasing physician acceptance of Oral Appliance Therapy. Dr Sall joined BetterNight in February 2020 as a sleep physician providing Telemedicine sleep medicine consultations. He holds medical licenses in 40 states.

After traveling to Scottsdale on golf trips with his buddies on Super Bowl weekend, 4 years in a row, Dr Sall fell in love with the area. He has owned a home in the Scottsdale area since 2011 and will be permanently relocating to Scottsdale in 2024. He first met Dr. Stacey Layman and Leisa Crawford over 10 years ago and it was inevitable that they would be working together. His training and expertise allow for the unique model of incorporating an Otolaryngologist and Sleep Physician inside an established dental sleep medicine practice to provide the most thorough and comprehensive treatment of patients with snoring and sleep apnea. He could not be happier to join this established practice and take them to another level.